Scott Reitz - Firearms Instructor

Scott Reitz's Bio: 

  • 30 year veteran of the LAPD
  • 10 years in SWAT as an operator and instructor
  • 15 years as primary instructor for all Advanced Firearms in-service training for the LAPD for all 19 geographical divisions
  • Primary firearms instructor for the elite Metropolitan Division of the LAPD
  • In charge of advanced training for specialized groups such as SIS, Anti-terrorist division, Internal Affairs, undercover narcotics, LAFD Arson Squad and others
  • Adjunct Instructor for the Department of Energy’s SRT III program in Sandia Base, Albuquerque, NM for five years
  • Primary instructor for the U.S. Marine Corps SOC-MAU and SOTG programs at Camp Pendleton for over two years
  • Deadly Force/Tactics Expert Witness for police and federal agencies in Federal and Superior Court
  • Established 5 day instructor development course for the San Jose PD for the .45 auto 1911 service pistol
  • Has set up instructor development programs for numerous police departments and taught thousands of officers representing hundreds of police agencies throughout the U.S. and overseas in all weapon systems
  • Was involved in 5 in-policy officer involved shootings on the LAPD
  • Was a court-qualified narcotics and heroin expert on the LAPD
  • Worked and trained with U.S. SEAL team 6, U.S. Army Delta and Task Force 160 Special Operations
  • Participated in hundreds of high risk felony warrant services as well as barricaded suspects and hostage situations
  • Worked VIP details for 4 U.S. Presidents and Heads of State
  • Regular columnist for SWAT Magazine
  • Author of of the book The Art of Modern Gunfighting - click here for more info and to purchase
  • ITTS, Inc. Head Instructor - click here for the ITTS, Inc. website
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